Featured: The Impossible Shoelace

The Impossible Shoelace is an indie rock band here in Gainesville. Mike Dorsey writes, performs and records music with his music friends.

A bio of the band. Born sometime in 1999, The Impossible Shoelace replaced the previous titles of the music by Mike Dorsey. Not until 2006 did the name stick as a band around the small big city of Gainesville, FL. Members came and went, contributing their performances to microphones in home studios and venues alike. If you would like info about shows and songs and everything else of The Lace, please send Mike Dorsey an Electronic Mail Message at theimpossibleshoelace@hotmail.com.

Some of Mike’s influences are The Beatles, Joanna Newsom, Danny Elfman, Ugly Casanova, Sesame Street and Zappa.

Some of Mike’s shows….

A more recent one (2008) in Gainesville

And some older shows…

You can listen to his name-sake album, The Impossible Shoelace at: http://www.indiemundo.com/#/play/album/117

Check out his profile on Indiemundo: http://www.indiemundo.com/#/profile/theimpossibleshoelace

And check out the songs on this album: http://www.indiemundo.com/#/profile/theimpossibleshoelace/117

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