Featured: The Early Twenties

The Early Twenties is an awesome indie folk band here in Gainesville, FL. They have released a few albums, which can be found around online or here on the site. Their band has Luke Wessling as lead vox and on acoustic guitar, Mike Dorsey on the electric guitar and fiddle, Aaron Wessling on the keys, Collin Clifford on Drums and Chaz Whitaker on bass and mandolin.

They have a really unique indie folk sound and have released some really good songs. I don’t think they are still performing though….

Check out some of their shows….

One of their best albums (imho) is their name-sake album, The Early Twenties. You can listen to the full album by clicking on this link: http://www.indiemundo.com/#/play/album/1

Check out their profile on Indiemundo: http://www.indiemundo.com/#/profile/theearlytwenties

And check out the songs on this album: http://www.indiemundo.com/#/profile/theearlytwenties/1

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